Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More progress coding

I'm pleased to say I've now successfully got glovePIE to give me feedback for a number of options relating specifically to what the wiimote sees on my trusty mini muti-touch surface.

I've also recently found a neat video with some guy doing a very nice Ableton Live and dual wiimote and multitouch system mashup video.
Not fully multi-touch if you ask me, more like index finger and thumb, but a good jumping off point for what I have in mind.

I must say its soooo neat to be learning how to program and to actually succeed in what I'm attempting for a change. GlovePIE has been a good start and until I find a language that gives me more leverage or I write a better tools myself, it will do.

Just now actually, I found some glovePIE code for OSC and its enough that I think I might be able to make me a multitouch monome as an extension of the wiimote multi touch bastard I've been fiddling with. Mmmm so much excitement and so much to learn and experiment with.

As soon as I get ADSL again I'l post links for all my kooky little tools.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Box of tricks progresses

So now I have a smaller scale IR setup for a multitouch controller. It promises a few things but right now I can say with certainty using a wiimote to process IR blobs does not yield any tangible results for small LED arrays.

In fact it seems unless you have an LED in a glove fingertip you're gonna have no useful feedback. But now I can test my GlovePIE script in that I have a piece of hardboard with four holes drilled and IR LEDS inserted in there.

These holes are a calibration sheet, if you will for the box of tricks. Purely a method to check the wiimotes true fields of view and the Glovepie code I've written. So after a little bit more soldering hopefully we'll have something. Then its time to make an IR glove.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some progress with the "Box of Tricks"

I've started coding a multitouch controller using a nintendo wii remote and GlovePIE for using in sequencing and it works!!

Right now I need to finish the test surface which is not very big but will work well.

Last night saw the first fruits of my programing course and I began writing what I shall in future refer to as "my box of tricks".

Right now the programming synergy will be from using Pure Data and GlovePIE but later as my course progresses I am hopeful for a full, sleek and efficient java coded application.

So for now ahead is more coding and finishing the test control surface. Future plans will include a video projector as currently the box of tricks has no visual feedback on the surface but that too in time will come.
Now if only I was not a student and perpetually broke -eish
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