Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Them changes

I have a lot to report currently but actually it becomes a prioritisation thing.

I'm pining to finance a Xbox kinect camera for using with Brekel Kinect and Motionbuilder. Now first an explanation on what that is.

Brekel Kinect is a nifty piece of software which I have downloaded and installed on my laptop. It allows the Xbox Kinect camera to capture the motions of your limbs to a armature/skeleton in Motionbuilder. So now one can produce realistic motion for animation right in one's home.

I have several projects that I have been pursueing now for many years to affect the same result.

Having just finished studying to become a programmer I can now develop some of these tools, or at least their software parts to realise what I've wanted for so many years.

So now again like a junkie I find myself thinking of what I can sell to finance this need, that is until I get a job.
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