Wednesday, November 14, 2012

once again

So here's a post again, its been quite a while since my last. Its not that I didn't want but I effectively had only my blackberry to blog from, and that needed setting up again. I have such a lot that I want to update but I guess most pertinent is on the content creation side. I got a full HD capable webcam for an absolute steal second and that brings with it the potential for usage in Monkeyjam, ( because the webcam, has a WDM driver. So that means some Stopmotion animation aspirations can be fulfilled.

It also means I can use high res 3D scanning (

Now with this in mind if I can lay my hands on a kinect and successfully cannibalise it to be used with Jasper Brekel's software I have motion capture for full body and face, albeit seperately for now. And all that means background character creations for film ideas. I find myself pining for a camera capable of full manual control whilst shooting and the pieces are currently just not falling into place courtesy of car insurance claims that are sucking up my money...

But hope springs eternal...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gizmos gizmos

Its been a while since I updated this blog but in the last few months I've dived into making a panoramic camera head and photo stitching ad also investigating building a cnc router.

Currently I have an arduino which I fiddle with periodically and I now have 4 easydriver stepper motor driver boards and 4 stepper motors. Sadly the easy drivers don't handle enough current for the steppers I have. So my cnc router, although much closer eludes me still.

So I now have a circuit to build such a stepper driver but I have yet to finance making the pc boards.

Eish, I miss having a job. Its so difficult funding hobbies without one.
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