Monday, January 17, 2011


A chance to do some non study related creative work. I've sooo missed puttering around in my workshop and I'm thinking I'm glad studies are coming to an end because I'd like to revert my attention to some overdue projects.

Specifically completing my steadicam and then hopefully when I'm employed I can follow up on my DSLR photography and HD film ideas. I can hardly wait to get another nintendo DS for using as a camera controller.

Then I also can finally weld up a stand for my big chromed steel HDRI ball (high dynamic range imaging). Using the DS to do multiple exposure of the reflections in the ball.

I recently got some very nice welding gloves from a friend and now I'm really enjoying the creativity in the workshop.

Pictured is the beginning of a big belt sander I'm hoping to finish soon to greatly ease things like shaping guitar necks and smoothing metal edges.
Just a other tweaked tool realised from a motor I've harvested somewhere.

The future looks bright and oh so much fun is ahead. I can hardly wait.
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