Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Queues and searches

Seems like I'm not going to accomplish much today. I'm waiting in another queue at our glorius unemployment office and will evidently be doing do for quite a while today.

Oy... And this is what I pay tax for? A portrait of inefficiency and a waste of time!

Well aside from the minor problem of having to find an exhaust manifold, which could take a while and this queue, I may be home by end of the month....

Just in time to pay my rent with money government pays with my stolen time.

All that having been said I have a few ideas for new content and a creative space which is coming along nicely.

Today I am inspired by the odd little movie "we are the strange" or at least its reasonable success it would seem. It's a model of inspiration for me and I can't wait to get working in my new space. The league of unusual superheroes is a project I think could benfit from this odd treatment and who knows perhaps my love of old videogame music will also be a drawcard.

It all waits to be born but first an overarching story is needed to unify it all. Maybe a sequence of events introducing and uniting the league....mmmm
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