Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Days of blunder

Currently I can't help shaking the feeling that I'm not being productive enough with my time. Truth be told I'm probably not as disciplined as I ought to be right now but I think when I am afforded a singular focus on something I am much better.

So in lieu of the fact that a few things remain in limbo for me currently, I am not going to feel excessively guilty save to say that I feel I must at least accomplish something everyday until I know where I am going.

Yesterday that was the PD code and USB keyboard dissection. So although its not rewired into a grid yet it is progress and its getting closer.

This waiting around for things and choices to crystalise is really throwing me since I am normally quite decisive. What time period I should wait around for before moving in a direction remains a qiuestion, and an annoyoing one at that.

At least I'm microns closer to a tangible music interface. Now if I can get the box working its just up to me an PD and that's more progress than I anticipated in that field for a while.
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