Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tricky for me

Sometimes I think that having this bad wiring or crap hand eye co-ordination really screws up what I want to be able to play musically, but then I find ways around that lot.

I'm really glad my voice doesn't need coordinating and whistling a melody into the blackberry's voice recorder is great for saving the inspiration.

Now if I can just get my makeshift Ztar/MIDIbox 128 working with a good tactile feedback, (hopefully not too clicky and a shallow touch) I'll be geared to sequence up a storm.

it would also be great if the sparkfun buttons in my monome had a shallower touch but I'm also just glad its working and finally finished.

Now if only monomeserial would behave and actually work.... Oy.

SID synth and makeshift Ztar... You're next, and when the java practical exam is done in a few hours I'm mentally freed to do a few undone things. Mmm better get my Reason 4 serial number if I'm going re-install.... So much to do and only one life... Limited time... Never rolls at the speed we want :)
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